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  About Forest  

Forest is a Tel-Aviv based fashion brand that draws inspiration from forests, oceans and wildlife as well as the history of traveling and outdoor gear. Meant for those who live in the city but yearn for a bit of green. Just as urban parks developed as a way of bringing nature into the city, Forest will be the green lung of fashion; bringing nature to the brands community.

man in orange jacket
inspirational items
man with fishing gear
woman in blouse
inspirational image of a bird
tom yaar in a forest dress

The shapes, colors, and large use of prints are all mediums to express the outdoors spirit. Forest designs are respectful of individuals, their need for comfort and their desire to express themselves through fashion.

Forest designs are produced in small, limited editions or made to order by local manufacturers in respect to human beings and planet Earth.           

man in forest shirt
women in forest dresses
woman in forest pants and shirt

All Forest designs and original prints are designed by Gili Peleg in a Tel Aviv based studio, and are manufactured locally.Click to schedule a shopping visit to the home studio.

gili peleg
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